Presidential Greeting

Dear Visitor!

Thank you very much for visiting the renewed, handicap-accessible web page of the Equal Treatment Authority, which we have launched with great pleasure, and which is transformed both structurally and in appearance.

The purpose of this web page is to be a timely and very useable source of information for those seeking to become familiar with or vindicate their rights to equal treatment, for professionals and every individual who is interested in this issue.

In addition to the introduction of the structure, activity and legal background of the Authority, we publish on our web page our final decisions, in which we applied publishing for a certain period of time as a sanction.

Beyond the publishing requirement regarding local, equality programs, equal opportunities plans and orderly employment relations, in order to shape societal attitude, we have uploaded to our web page contents aiming to raise awareness and increase the familiarity with legal norms regarding the principle of non-discrimination.

I would like to call your attention particularly to the contents of our web page regarding our project TAMOP 5.5.5 called “Combating Discrimination, Shaping Societal Attitude and Strengthening the Work of the Authority”, where you can obtain information (availability) on our referees in the country and our accredited educational program.

I hope that information on this web page will not only provide potential victims of discrimination with proper knowledge and consciousness necessary to vindicating their rights, but also will it become freely useable, effective assistance for those that are required to adhere to the principle of non-discrimination.


dr. Agnes Honecz


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